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Kinder Morgan Survey


Kinder Morgan has applied through its subsidiary, Trans Mountain, to build a new pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby. This pipeline would run parallel to the existing Trans Mountain pipeline and is being proposed in order to increase the transportation of oil from the Alberta tar sands to the B.C. coast.

Kinder Morgan’s pipeline application is now under review by the National Energy Board. I applied to participate as an intervenor in the review process, because I believe my constituents, and all British Columbians, deserve a voice in these hearings.

I am therefore encouraging feedback from constituents and from others around the province. Below you will find links to background information and to frequently asked questions about the pipeline and the hearing process. You will also find a link to a blog that offers an insiders take on the pipeline hearings, and two ways to submit your feedback: A Kinder Morgan Survey and a general feedback form.

Your feedback will assist in my submissions and in my questions to the company, other intervenors and experts.

Thank you for your time on this important issue,

Andrew Weaver

Background on Kinder Morgan Hearings FAQs Blog: Inside the Hearings


Kinder Morgan Survey

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Question 1: Based on everything you have seen or heard about the project up to now, how well informed do you think you are about the Kinder Morgan expansion project?

Very InformedSomewhat InformedNot Very Informed

Question 2: Where have you received information about the Kinder Morgan Project?

Media: Radio, Newspapers, TV etcKinder Morgan WebsiteKinder Morgan Public Engagement ForumGovernment WebsiteCommunity EventsFriends/ColleaguesAndrew Weaver's WebsiteOtherI Have Not Heard About The Kinder Morgan Project

Question 3: In the following list, please identity your top concerns about the potential impacts of the Kinder Morgan expansion proposal.

Impacts on tourismImpacts on property valuesRisk to the environmentInsufficient spill response capacityInsufficient science regarding heavy oil spillsImpacts on communitiesLack of First Nations consultationLong term economic impactsImpacts on wildlifeI have no concerns

Question 4: How do you feel about the B.C. Government's 5 conditions for heavy oil projects?

Good: They represent a strong position for B.C.So-so: They lack definition and specifics.Bad: They are nothing but a political talking point.Don't know - not sure

Question 5: Do you believe that the National Energy Board hearing process is allowing for an open and transparent review of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline proposal?

Very open and inclusive - I feel confident my voice will be heardSomewhat open and inclusive - I can have my voice heard but is anyone listening?Not open and inclusive - The process was never meant to truly engage British Columbians.Don't know/Not sure - How do you even get involved in the process?

Question 6: Based on what you know, do you support or oppose the Kinder Morgan expansion proposal.

SupportOpposeDon't know

Question 7: Andrew Weaver has been pushing for a complete ban on heavy oil tankers in our coastal waters. Right now 5 tankers per month leave Vancouver harbour carrying heavy oil, which will increase to 34 if the Kinder Morgan pipeline is approved. Would you support a transition away from allowing heavy oil tankers in our coastal waters?

SupportOpposeDon't know

Other Questions:

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