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Constituency Expenses 2017/2018

Constituency office expenses are reported quarterly, on a cumulative basis. Please also see Legislative Office Expenses and Travel reports.

For previous years expenses please see here

Financial report – April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017 (Q1 Fiscal 2017/18)

Category 1st Quarter 2017/18 Description
Office Administration $27,380 See Note 2
Special Events and Protocol $311 See Note 3
Communications and Advertising $535 See Note 4
Office Supplies $64 See Note 5
Travel $0 See Note 6
Other Office Expenses $0 See Note 7
Total $28,290


Constituency Office Funding
Members of the Legislative Assembly are provided with an annual budget to cover the costs associated with operating and staffing constituency offices. Constituency office funding is paid monthly to Members, to an annual maximum of $119,000. Constituency offices in non-urban ridings are provided with an annual travel allowance to cover costs incurred by office staff while travelling on a Member’s behalf within the constituency. This allowance is intended to cover normal travel expenses, such as mileage, taxis, hotels and meals. Payment is made once per fiscal year. Constituency assistants in urban ridings are reimbursed for out-of-pocket, work- related travel expenses from the constituency office allowance.

Constituency Office Expenses
Certain expenses are paid directly by the Member using the annual funding provided, while other expenses are
paid directly by the Legislative Assembly of BC. The information contained in the report refers only to those constituency office expenses paid directly by the Member. Notes 2 through 6 provide definitions for each of the expense categories listed in the report. Further information on Constituency Office funding and expenses can
be found in the Members’ Guide to Policy and Resources (http://members.leg.bc.ca)

Note 1 -Basis of accounting – this report has been prepared on the cash basis of accounting whereby expenses are recorded when cash is actually received or paid out.

Note 2 – Office administration – includes the salary and certain benefits (e.g., Medical Services Plan, Extended HealthCare) for Constituency Assistants, WCB insurance, staff professional development, and conference and registration fees.

Note 3 – Special events and protocol – community events, small tokens/gifts for protocol purposes

Note 4 – Communications and advertising – allows Members to communicate with their constituents about their office location and contact information, assistance and services they provide, and printed materials sent by Members to inform their constituents about parliamentary activities and issues. Expenses may include newspaper ads, MLA reports, householders, signage, inserts in special event programs, subscriptions and memberships, and website maintenance and design and printing of brochures.
Note 5 – Office supplies – includes additional stationary supplies in excess of those provided centrally, postage, courier expenses, other minor office equipment/furniture purchases.

Note 6 – Travel – includes normal travel costs incurred by office staff while travelling on a Member’s behalf, such as mileage, taxis, hotels and meals.

Note 7 – Other office expenses – includes annual service contracts (e.g. water delivery, security monitoring), utilities not covered under lease agreement, minor repairs and maintenance, fees for other contracted services (e.g., writers, office maintenance workers), cell phone/cable services, and janitorial supplies/services.

Note 8 – Centralized expenses – Constituency office expenses paid directly by the Legislative Assembly of BC are not included in this report. These expenses include the rental of constituency offices and other constituency office expenses, such as insurance, telecommunications, photocopier charges, basic internet/cable services, stationary and the constituency office portion of certain benefits for constituency assistants (e.g., employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan and public service pension). The Legislative Assembly also provides each member with computers, telecommunications and photocopier equipment for their office. Equipment is upgraded after each general election.