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March 14, 2017: Premier promises action for women forced to wear high heels on the job

Green party Leader Andrew Weaver introduced the private member’s bill on International Women’s Day over health and safety concerns.

March 11, 2017: B.C. Green party leader adds his name to list of politicians calling for debate on legalizing drugs

“This is a very important discussion that we need to have,” Andrew Weaver told the Straight. “If you want to deal with organized crime in the drug area, legalization is the way forward. But we’re not ready for that here in Canada yet.”

March 6, 2017: Make Uber an election issue in B.C.

Weaver’s ridesharing act is careful to offer some appeasement for each type of Uber naysayer. Those who want rideshare drivers to go through similar vetting processes as taxi drivers, will be happy to see the proposal includes annual criminal record checks for drivers, as well as a duty to report license suspensions and changes of address.

February 14, 2017: Clark shouldn’t try to fool us again on MSP

The Green Party knows it; that’s why Andrew Weaver is touting an Ontario-style replacement levy on the income-tax form.

February 13, 2017: BC politicians push to align Family Day with rest of Canada

B.C.’s Green party leader Andrew Weaver is leading the charge on the “Unite Family Day” online campaign, urging others to sign a Change.org petition and share their stories on social media.

February 8, 2017: Greens leader Andrew Weaver says party is aiming to win B.C. election

During the half-hour interview, Weaver also talked about his desire to implement a basic income, change the provincial electoral system, and eliminate MSP premiums.

February 2, 2017: The Climate Scientist Who Became a Politician

But in 2013, he abandoned academia to run for office, as part of the Green Party of British Columbia. And he won, beating his rivals by a substantial margin, and becoming his party’s first ever provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly. He now leads the party, and is headed into another election in May.

January 25, 2017: Editorial: Put restrictions on political gifts

Banning (or substantially limiting) corporate and union donations and capping personal donations would mean parties would have to work harder to raise funds for getting their messages out. Politicians would have to convince more people of their merits.

The result of that could well be more confidence in our political system and less suspicion that big money buys elections.

January 20, 2017: Weaver has the answer to U.S. industrial decline

Weaver contends that “basic income could help us address the high levels of poverty we have in B.C., and remedy some of the shortcomings of our current social assistance programs … (as well as) help us respond to the shift we are witnessing in the world of work.”

“Basic income,” he adds, “holds exciting prospects for improving the lives of many in our province and securing us against an uncertain future.”

I applaud Weaver’s thinking and his sensible, go-slow recommendation that “we run pilot projects in B.C. … to calculate the net costs and measure the outcomes on communities.”

January 18, 2017: B.C. Liberals defend donation downpour

B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver said he refuses all but individual donations, and it’s a choice any party can make.

“The BC Liberals are just laughing it off, while the B.C. NDP will only do something about it if they win the election,” Weaver said. “I the meantime, both of them will accept the same potentially corrupting money.”

January 11, 2017: MLA Report: Pilot projects will allow B.C. to calculate costs of basic income

Recent years have also seen unprecedented technological advances, and there has been much talk about the potential for robots to replace humans in a wide variety of jobs. A number of recent studies suggest the potential for the elimination of jobs across a range of sectors, and soon. Automation is already significantly affecting jobs in manufacturing and the taxi and trucking industries.  If automation results in job loss at the rate many are predicting, the outcome would have profound consequences for our society.

January 7, 2017: Mike Smyth: As election looms, three leaders share three visions for B.C.

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver seems poised for a breakthrough, especially if he upstages the other two in a televised leaders’ debate.

December 16 2016: B.C. political parties may use and abuse Kinder Morgan issue for votes

But the leader who has the clearest and most consistent position on Kinder Morgan is B.C. Green party leader Andrew Weaver, who may be the prime benefactor of this issue.

Weaver has been an adamant opponent all along. And he is realizing he can use his consistency and unwavering opposition as effective tools to paint a strong contrast between himself and his opponents in a way that will resonate to voters who are opposed to the project and want to register their objections come next May.

December 15 2016: EDITORIAL: The Hot and Not of the week

B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver’s words should be heeded as this program progresses: “Instead of tackling the real problems that are causing out of control housing prices — like deregulation and speculation — the government is announcing a band-aid solution that will build an even bigger housing crisis down the road.

December 12 2016: Fentanyl crisis shows need for facilities

The government’s resources thus far have largely been focused on collecting data and distributing naloxone kits, a medication that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. They are important initiatives, to be sure, but they are reactionary. They kick in when someone is already in the throes of an overdose. If we want to get ahead of this crisis, we need to step in with a comprehensive plan to support people before they are that close to dying.

December 6 2016: B.C. Green Party leader talks climate change and politics at TRU

In his talk, titled Climate Change: Problems and Solutions, Weaver talked to a packed room of students and community members. Topics included the importance of properly communicating science to the media, using scientific evidence to inform public policy and that more has not been done to address climate change because its most substantial effects have yet to come.

December 6 2016: Vaughn Palmer: Green leader attacks Notley, but his real target is John Horgan

“They’ve once more joined the B.C. Liberals as LNG generational sellouts,” he wrote in an entry posted Nov. 4. “It would be surprising if there is anyone left in the B.C. NDP who actually believes that their party will take measures to deal with increasing greenhouse emissions. Today, the B.C. NDP even threw their federal counterparts, who pointed out the folly of the Woodfibre proposal, under the bus.”

November 30 2016: Green Leader Weaver visits Kamloops, chides NDP for accepting corporate donations

Speaking in Riverside Park, Weaver called on B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan to release the names of donors and corporations who last week attended a dinner hosted by the party. Weaver said he has watched NDP MLAs call out the B.C. Liberals for “pay-for-access” events, but said they have not held themselves to the same standards.

November 26 2016: BC Greens Pitch a Five-Year Basic Income Pilot Project

While there are many details to be worked out, Weaver said, the hope is to try the concept in a town of 5,000 or 6,000 people, preferably one subject to boom and bust cycles where there is relatively wide income inequality.

October 29 2016: Greens call for Langley MLA Polak to resign as environment minister

“I do not call for this lightly,” Weaver said.

“I now lack confidence in Minister Polak to uphold the obligations outlined in her ministerial mandate letter. As such, I am calling for her to be replaced by a minister who will stand up for the people of B.C. and the water and environment that we all rely on.”

September 28 2016: B.C. Greens to shun corporate, union donations

The B.C. Green Party will forgo corporate and union donations from now on even though the move may put it at a financial disadvantage against the BC Liberals and New Democrats as next spring’s provincial election nears.

Green leader Andrew Weaver announced the decision in his speech at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Victoria Wednesday and called on the other parties to likewise end the role of “big money” in politics to rebuild public trust.

September 7 2016: MLA Report: Not too late to change course on Site C dam

Instead of a diversified approach to renewable energy, the B.C. government is pushing Site C because they want to offer LNG proponents access to firm power. As I have been explaining for years, however, there will be no B.C. LNG industry in the foreseeable future because of a global glut in natural gas and plummeting prices for imported LNG in Asia. As the government desperately doubles down on LNG, renewable projects are moving elsewhere. Just this year they let a $750 million US investment to build wind capacity on Vancouver Island slip away, despite buy-in from five First Nations, TimberWest, EDP Renewables and the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

August 30 2016: B.C. Green Party leader tours dam site

Weaver believes the province is taking a “fiscally reckless approach” in marching ahead with the $8.8-billion project without a proven need at the expense of rich, Class 1 farmland, and staring at the prospects of having to sell the power the dam generates at a loss on the export market.

“For people who haven’t seen it, (the Peace River has) got to be one of the most beautiful parts of North America. It rivals the Grand Canyon in terms of spectacular beauty, but rather than desert, it’s vibrant forest,” he said.

August 27 2016: B.C. Greens deemed more competitive in 2017 with Andrew Weaver leading election campaign

Weaver continued: “Too often British Columbians vote for the BC Liberals not because they like what they stand for, but rather because they dislike what the BC NDP stand for. Too often British Columbians vote for the BC NDP not because they like what they stand for, but rather because they dislike what the BC Liberals stand for. And therein lies our opportunity.”

August 19 2016: Green Party leader tours Burnaby’s demoviction sites 

All three provincial party leaders were invited to visit the area by the Metrotown Residents’ Association, but Weaver was the only one to say yes.During Thursday’s tour, the party leader was quick to put the blame of Burnaby’s housing issues on both local and provincial politicians.

“It’s symptoms of a lack of vision in a community,” he told the NOW.


August 3 2016: Vaughn Palmer: Christy Clark says changing ‘old, unfair’ MSP is complicated

The B.C. Greens proposed to phase out premiums as well, modelled on the system in Ontario where the replacement levy is a line item on the provincial income tax form.

Green leader Andrew Weaver made a motion to that effect in the legislature earlier this year: “Be it resolved that the government support rolling the currently regressive and unfair MSP premiums into the income tax system in a revenue neutral manner to create a progressive health care levy.”

The New Democrats supported Weaver’s motion, but B.C. Liberal MLAs combined to defeat it.

July 27 2016: Critics, officials disturbed as Taseko mine plans to conduct test drilling

Andrew Weaver, B.C. Green Party Leader, said he is shocked the B.C. government is still supporting the project.

“This government is just trampling over the rights of the Tsilhqot’in, it’s trampling over federal jurisdiction, it’s trampling over due process. It’s all about this government trying to get to yes [on resource development], no matter what the question is. I just can’t believe it,” he said.

July 25 2016: No single policy will fix housing affordability crisis

On July 25, the B.C. Legislature was reconvened with two weeks’ notice to pass a bill that would give Metro Vancouver the ability to design and implement a vacant homes tax. Since the announcement, neighbouring municipalities have raised concerns that the Vancouver-specific focus would lead to a disjointed collection of regulations across B.C. and questioned the viability of an empty homes tax altogether.

July 25 2016: New housing tax could push foreign buyers to Victoria: experts

Many maligned the new tax Monday including Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, who said he has lost faith in B.C.’s ability to solve its housing affordability crisis.
“We’re going to see affordability issues rise even more, and that’s now how you introduce legislation,” said Weaver, who called for the tax to be levied province-wide.

July 25 2016: BC Green Leader says real estate reforms will do little to solve housing crisis

BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver says he has lost faith in the Liberal’s ability to solve the province’s housing affordability crisis in BC.

July 21 2016: Metro Talks: Green Party’s Andrew Weaver calls for BC Hydro reform

British Columbia’s first elected — and lone — Green Party MLA wants to see the province completely retool its energy priorities, starting with BC Hydro.

July 15 2016: Canada Revenue Agency launches Vancouver housing probe

Andrew Weaver, B.C.’s Green Party Leader, said the CRA investigation may not be enough, but it is a step in the right direction. “It’s good to see someone taking action,” said Mr. Weaver, who has attacked the provincial government for failing to act regarding foreign speculation in B.C. real estate.

July 13 2016: MLA report: Weaver laments campground brokerage

Since the management of provincial campgrounds began privatizing in the 1980s, the former question has been increasingly ignored in favour of the latter. The emergence of campground brokers takes it to a new low.

July 12 2016: Hoped-for LNG boom in B.C. a pipe dream: economist

We’ve had a government that has fixated itself on a hypothetical LNG industry that is neither here nor will it come any time soon,” the Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA told Metro in an interview. “We’re training all these people for LNG, and it’s not going to happen … It was not economically viable, and it won’t be any time soon

July 7 2016: EDITORIAL: The Hot and Not of the week

As Green Leader Andrew Weaver quipped: “Nineteen days’ worth of data is completely meaningless. This would be like me arguing that, since the Canucks didn’t play any games between June 10 and the 29th, Vancouver doesn’t have a hockey team. It’s just laughable.”

July 7 2016: Dozens gather at Shawnigan Lake soil protest

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver and others spoke out at the Stebbings Road site this morning, accusing the operators of breaching the conditions of their permit and accusing the Ministry of Environment of not making any effort to intervene.

July 5 2016: BC Green leader slams province over camp site “scalping”, offers two easy solutions

Weaver has two solutions.

“The first is allowing British Columbians some advanced time to book their campground ahead of outside agencies. Secondly, to actually reserve a portion of the campsite for B.C. residents.”

May 17, 2016: Reducing money’s political influence

Present rules allow for a party to pay their leaders, or interim leaders, for the often substantial work they do. This work is more partisan in nature and, in my opinion, should not be getting bank rolled by the taxpayer.

It is those individuals who donate and belong to a political party who are the ones that should hold their party accountable – if they feel that a large leader stipend is unethical, they have the ability to make sure their party changes that policy.

May 16, 2016: Westsyde students want voting age lowered to 16

Last week, Green MLA Andrew Weaver tabled a private member’s bill calling for a lower voting age.
Weaver said many students are already working and paying taxes by 16 and deserve the right to vote on how their money is spent.
“Having spent many years as an educator and having presented to, or engaged in discussions with, high school students and classes across British Columbia on numerous occasions, I find it difficult to accept an argument that students are not mature enough of informed enough at age 16 to vote,” the Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA wrote on his blog.

April 27, 2016: Sexual misconduct on B.C. campuses subject of proposed new law

The law is based on a private-members bill introduced by Green party Leader Andrew Weaver, who modeled it after recently-adopted Ontario legislation. If B.C.’s legislation passes, it will become the second province in Canada to mandate campus sexual assault policies by law.

April 25, 2016: B.C. begins its own oil pipeline review

Critics of the project, including B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, had long called on the province to conduct its own review.

Now, Weaver said the province should simply reject the pipeline rather than replicating the “ridiculous, box-ticking exercise” that the NEB has led.

“Rather than waste everybody’s time, let’s move on,” Weaver said. “We cannot deal with a dilluted bitumen spill.”

April 25, 2016:  B.C. Green Party introduces ‘rideshare enabling’ legislation

The B.C Green Party has introduced legislation to “start a conversation” about bringing ride-hailing companies like Uber to British Columbia.

The bill, introduced by Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, would require ride-hailing drivers to get a background check and vehicle inspection before operating on B.C. roads.

April 25, 2016:  Real estate loophole lets wealthy buyers save millions in taxes

Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver has been concerned about the bare trust for the last two years, highlighting the need to fix the loophole.

He says people who are very wealthy or investing from abroad would be recommended by astute accountants to purchase their house using the loophole.

“Every time most people buy and sell a house, they’re paying property transfer tax. It’s only the wealthy and the wise who would actually buy in bare trust,” said Weaver.

“As a society, if every single person created a bare trust and bought every property in a bare trust there would be no more property transfer tax collected in British Columbia… there’s no reason not to change it.”

April 22, 2016:  B.C. begins its own oil pipeline review

Critics of the project, including B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, had long called on the province to conduct its own review.

Now, Weaver said the province should simply reject the pipeline rather than replicating the “ridiculous, box-ticking exercise” that the NEB has led.

“Rather than waste everybody’s time, let’s move on,” Weaver said. “We cannot deal with a dilluted bitumen spill.”

April 22, 2016:  Justin Trudeau and Christy Clark risk political backlash from millennial voters if they embrace pipeline projects

From the political rumblings in Ottawa, Alberta, and Victoria, it sounds like the door is opening ever more widely for B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver.

In light of Dembicki’s comments about how politically independent the millennials are, we shouldn’t be surprised if the Greens make major inroads in the 2017 election.

April 22, 2016:  Intergenerational equity may finally spark youth to action 

Andrew Weaver, the Green Party MLA for Oak Bay/Gordon Head. Dr. Weaver has authored or coauthored hundreds of papers on global warming and gave a thorough presentation outlining the history and science of its study, including his involvement with the IPCC. –

April 20, 2016:  UBC to consider banning romantic relationships between faculty, students

“Anybody who has gone to universities know there are cases where there are inappropriate student-professor relations, not only student-professor relations, but student-staff as well,” Mr. Weaver said in an interview.

“We all have known of many stories where ‘Prof has affair with student.’ I have always personally found that unethical. From my perspective in a power-over relationship, there is no excuse.

April 7, 2016:  Les Leyne: New oil-spill rules could help pipelines

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said too much is left to regulations yet to be written. And one section of the bill allows the government to void most of the requirements in the law or in the regulations if cabinet approves. He said it is reckless to allow one tanker a week to leave Burnaby with oil from Trans Mountain’s existing pipeline, which has operated for 50 years. The company’s expansion plan would multiply that traffic several times. Weaver said there should be an immediate moratorium on moving diluted bitumen in coastal waters.

April 7, 2016:  Jumbo Glacier Resort Should Be the Last Fake Municipality B.C. Creates: Andrew Weaver

A municipality should have residents — and grizzly bears and mountain goats don’t count, according to B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver who tabled a private member’s bill in the legislature Wednesday aimed squarely at the controversial Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality.

April 6, 2016:  BC party leader wants new law to target negligent pet owners

Andrew Weaver introduced the Animal Liability Act on Wednesday, saying we don’t have adequate laws in B.C. The new act is modeled on Manitoba’s legislation and would make owners directly liable for any damages caused by their pets.

April 6, 2016: Site C hunger striker ‘tired,’ but OK

Last week, MLA Andrew Weaver, the leader of the B.C. Green party, visited the tent city and sat down for a meeting with Henry. Weaver later posted on his website, writing that Henry’s “efforts have had a profound impact on me.”

Reached Sunday afternoon, Weaver said: “I am inspired by her … This is why I got into politics.”

“Good on Kristin for her passion. Obviously I hope at some point, people start listening,” he said.

Weaver, an outspoken critic of Site C, wrote on his website last week about the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry envisioned for northern B.C. driving demand for power to be produced by Site C.

April 4, 2016: Pimm launches Change.org petition of his own government 

Weaver said carbon taxes are the “single most important recommendation” in the Climate Leadership Plan.

As for an MLA petitioning his own party, “I’ve never seen this before,” he said.

“I know he’s not running again, so maybe this is his parting shot across the bows,” Weaver said. “But this is more than just an MLA expressing his opinions: this is just inappropriate at such a fundamental level—to undermine a public consultation process during the time it’s actually being conducted.

March 29, 2016: Vaughn Palmer: B.C. health care premiums loom as an election issue

Then there’s the proposal put forward by Andrew Weaver of the Green Party, who also wants to get rid of premiums. He’s stolen a different leaf from Ontario, which imposes a separate collection on provincial income taxes for what are called health care premiums.

“You pay zero dollars in health care premiums if you earn less than $20,000, and you pay $900 ( a year) if you earn more than $200,600,” says Weaver, adding that the shift would also be revenue neutral. “The amount of (provincial premium) revenue now, $2.5 billion, would translate directly into a health care premium on your income tax return.”

March 21, 2016: BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver says province has toxic soil mess on its hands

Weaver says the owner, and operator, will have to turn to the province for answers.

“I suspect the proponents of the project are going to be concerned and ask questions of the province. It’s a big mess, but now the big mess is moving from the citizens having to deal with it to the province having to deal with it.”

He says the ruling by the BC Supreme Court represents a resounding win for Shawnigan Lake residents, who have been fighting the facility every step of the way.

March 14, 2016: Upstream gas emissions numbers not adding up

“The reporting of methane from fugitive emissions associated with fracking is woeful in B.C.,” said Andrew Weaver, a former climate scientist and Green Party MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

March 14, 2016: How high-end Vancouver real estate buyers are commuting by helicopter to their country mansions

Green party MLA Andrew Weaver agrees with Evans that B.C.’s market has never been hotter and that offshore cash is the driver.

“Vancouver is the speculative epicentre and it is pushing out a very real effect in the southern coast, and I suspect upcountry to Kelowna soon,” Weaver said in an interview. “In Victoria, we’ve seen a 15 per cent increase in average prices in six months. People sell a house for $3 million in Vancouver and buy four homes for $800,000 in Victoria.”

Premier Christy Clark says more needs to be done to support women who are sexually assaulted on campuses, but she isn’t saying yes to new laws surrounding the issue.

March 12, 2016:  Site-C dam protest in Victoria

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver was also on hand speaking out against the project.

“Site-C is producing power for an LNG industry that is not going to happen and it’s utterly irresponsible this government is heading down that path.”

Weaver says the project doesn’t make sense, economically, environmentally, from a First Nation perspective and from an agricultural prospective.

March 8, 2016: Clark admits more needs to be done around campus sex assaults

Premier Christy Clark says more needs to be done to support women who are sexually assaulted on campuses, but she isn’t saying yes to new laws surrounding the issue.

March 8, 2016: Green MLA’s bill seeks to address campus sex attacks

B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver has introduced legislation that would require the province’s post-secondary schools to adopt sexual violence policies and properly report incidents of sexual assault.

The Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA said the provincial government needs to do more to create a safer environment for college and university students.

He introduced the bill just a week after Saanich police announced that a male student at the University of Victoria had been arrested in connection with sexual assaults reported by four women, ages 19 and 20, at the campus.

February 19, 2016: Andrew Weaver’s private member’s bill shines spotlight on B.C. Liberal government’s control over universities

In an explanatory note, Weaver wrote: “The Act introduces a standard of autonomy for the governance of universities to ensure they are free from political interference in their internal operations.”

It also empowers the university senate, which is an academic body, to elect their chancellor

February 19, 2016: Site C Dam Permits Quietly Issued During Federal Election

Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, added his voice to the call for a delay in Site C construction in the legislature on Thursday, citing significant risk to taxpayers and the provincial economy.

“Site C should have been subject to the B.C. Utilities Commission, but the government felt it would slow down their political agenda too much,” he said. “It is risky and foolish. British Columbians are going to be paying for this project for decades.”

Weaver argued that in the absence of a vastly expanded LNG industry, the power from the Site C dam won’t be needed — an argument DeSmog Canada has explored in depth.

February 13, 2016: Governing Liberal party flatters Greens by borrowing leader’s ideas

For the Green Party, this week could signify a breakthrough of sorts — an understanding that the government may be more willing to adopt ideas from the Green Party — a party with just one seat, than from the opposition NDP, which has more than 30 seats.

February 11, 2016: B.C. petition calls for an end to MSP premiums

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver says it’s clear British Columbians want the tax changed. Under the current system, everyone making more than $30,000 a year pays the same amount — about $75 a month. Those making less than $30,000 are exempt.

January 31, 2016: Alberta’s royalty review could be a boon for B.C.’s oilpatch 

Some, like B.C. Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver questioned why anyone would want to have a royalty scheme similar to B.C’s, which he termed a “giveaway,” even if it did offer a competitive advantage.

“If you look at royalty revenues for the province of British Columbia, they have plummeted dramatically and it’s a public resource.”

Weaver said engaging in a “race to the bottom” to lower royalty rates to attract business is not how a government ought to manage natural resources.

“We can play the race for the bottom in natural gas (but) the reality is we’re going to lose out on that.”

– See more at: http://www.alaskahighwaynews.ca/business/alberta-s-royalty-review-could-be-a-boon-for-b-c-s-oilpatch-1.2162729#sthash.noCpeiuB.dpuf

January 12, 2016: Weaver takes aim at MSP premiums

Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Andrew Weaver is calling for the elimination of monthly MSP premiums.

The B.C. Green Party leader instead wants to see a progressive system with rates determined by a person’s earnings. Calling it the party’s first pledge in advance of the 2017 provincial election, the Green Party contends rolling MSP premiums into the existing income tax system would lead to net administrative savings.

January 6, 2016: BC Greens leader wants Shawnigan Lake landfill shut down, investigated

The leader of the Green Party wants a landfill used for dumping contaminated soil to be shut down to determine if the company responsible is in compliance.

Residents opposed to the landfill in Shawnigan Lake insist there have been air pollution and water breaches in the same area where the region’s drinking water comes from.

Green MLA Andrew Weaver did an aerial tour today and agrees with them.

January 5, 2016: If B.C. Liberals really want to cut red tape, they should chop MSP

Weaver, who is B.C.’s sole Green Party MLA, has been lobbying to change the system since last February, when the party started an online petition. It gained 2,000 signatures after the party revived it yesterday with a new promise to make reforming MSP the first thing a Green government would do if elected in the next provincial election in 2017. The petition is now at over 7,000 signatures.

December 23, 2015: Party leaders offer up their Christmas wish list to British Columbians

(For B.C.) That we make food banks and homelessness a relic of the past and make action on poverty a priority.

I think of families who struggle all year and are especially pressured at this time.

December 1, 2015: COP 21: tariffs, not targets, are what’s needed says Weaver

Before becoming a Green Party MLA, Andrew Weaver was at the forefront of climate change policy.

In fact, for 20 years, he has also been a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the organization established by the United Nations as the leading international body for the assessment of climate change.

And he has a message for politicians at COP 21 in Paris: targets are not enough.

November 27, 2015: Report recommends hike to the carbon tax and cut to Provincial Sales Tax

A report to government is recommending a 33-percent hike in the province’s carbon tax, and a one percent cut to the Provincial Sales Tax from seven to six percent.

But even then, the province won’t meet its target to cut greenhouse gases by a third by 2020.

November 27, 2015: Vaughn Palmer: Andrew Weaver returns to his roots for leadership bid

“And there’s nothing liberal about the B.C. Liberals,” he continued, rounding on Premier Christy Clark and her vaunted drive to develop liquefied natural gas for export. “The economics does not work to build a thriving LNG industry in B.C. The public has been sold a bill of goods by this government.”

November 5, 2015: Andrew Weaver: We need to end the trophy hunt in British Columbia

While this is certainly an emotive issue, it’s one that most British Columbians agree on. Trophy killing debases the very legitimate reasons that many British Columbians choose to hunt. It’s time we enact policy that understands the difference between the two, and finally puts an end to trophy hunting in British Columbia.

October 3, 2015: B.C. Liberals roasted over red tape day

Some criticisms were comical, such as when Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver pointed out the irony of spending hours of legislature time to pass a law celebrating reduction of unnecessary procedures. Weaver quoted from outraged constituents posting protests on his Facebook page, comparing the situation to a Monty Python sketch.

October 3, 2015: RCMP record reveals a long list of calls to Kinder Morgan properties in Burnaby

B.C.’s lone Green party MLA, Andrew Weaver, described the sort of government surveillance revealed in those documents as “carried away”.

On the RCMP call list obtained by the Straight, he asked the same questions posed by Dhaliwal.

“I don’t want to second guess it [the RCMP] but it does seem like a lot,” Weaver said. “It really begs the question: why? Why were the RCMP being called so many times? What for? What could possibly warrant it?”

October 1, 2015: Green MLA pursues deeper probe of Shawnigan soil dump 

B.C. Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver continues to urge the government to investigate a controversial dump site near Shawnigan Lake.

Weaver announced in July that his own tests showed elevated levels of heavy metals in sediments downstream of the Stebbings Road property known as Lot 21, which is owned by Cobble Hill Holdings Ltd.

The Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA said the findings raise questions about the materials buried there and whether they pose a future risk to humans and the environment.

August 28, 2015: Economic Diversity Urged

B.C.’s lone Green MLA says there’s a need for the province’s economy to diversify.

Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head and deputy leader of the B.C. Greens, made a stop in Vernon Tuesday as part of an Okanagan tour.

“I want to know what the barriers to success are,” he said of visiting area businesses, including Davison Orchards.

August 19, 2015: Opposition MLAs query why Arvind Gupta resigned as UBC president

Green party MLA Andrew Weaver says he finds it “really odd” that Gupta will reportedly receive a full year’s salary after resigning.

August 18, 2015: “Godzilla” El Nino means warmer, drier winter for Vancouver Island

So unlike the El Nino of 1997-1998, which to date is considered the strongest on record, we won’t likely see heavy dumps of snow in our mountains.

“That’s going to hurt the ski industry again, so this will be the third year in a row if things play out as they’re looking like now there’ll be difficult times for ski operators on the south coast of British Columbia” says Weaver.

August 17, 2015: Martyn Brown: The subtext of strategic voting in Canadian elections

Without the Greens, high quality representatives like British Columbia’s Andrew Weaver, New Brunswick’s Green Party leader, David Coon, and PEI’s Green Party leader, Peter Bevan-Baker, would not be in their provincial legislatures.

July 19, 2015: Weaver is correct to oppose LNG project

It is refreshing to know that there is at least one sensible person in our legislature — Andrew Weaver of the Green party was brave enough to stand up to the B.C. Liberals and publicly refuse to let the government sell out an entire generation of British Columbians with their LNG giveaway.

July 16, 2015: Green MLA Andrew Weaver asks finance minister what he’s doing to prevent a housing bubble from bursting

The only Green party member of the legislature has raised the spectre of a housing crash in Vancouver.
Speaking in the house, Andrew Weaver asked Finance Minister Mike de Jong what the government is doing to prevent a bubble from bursting.

July 14, 2015: OUR VIEW: Needed: A superhero to save the planet

Weaver, the B.C. Green Party MLA representing Oak Bay-Gordon Head, can always be counted on to remind us why we need to have some non-Liberal, non-NDP voices in the legislature.

Weaver did his part to shake up Christy Clark’s summer sitting of the legislature by arguing that the house should, in fact, cease other business for an emergency debate on how the province is responding to climate change.

July 14, 2015: Forest fires distract attention from Christy Clark government’s LNG deal

B.C. Green party MLA Andrew Weaver has characterized this deal as “shocking and irresponsible” and a “generational sellout”. That’s because he says it freezes tax levels at “unacceptably low levels and future governments won’t be able to do anything about it”.

July 14, 2015: Public access to B.C. Legislature chamber barred after LNG protest

Green MLA Andrew Weaver called the move “heavy-handed” and “made no sense.”

July 14, 2015: Martyn Brown: Christy Clark’s boon to Big Oil

Do not be fooled that it is in British Columbians’ best interest. It is a political package, pure and simple, that represents a huge win for Big Oil, at B.C.’s ultimate expense.

May 28, 2015: Editorial — Election Amendment law not needed

The amendment, introduced by Weaver, called for a delay in implementing the law until there was more public consultation. While the NDP supported the amendment, the BC Liberal majority voted against it.

May 14, 2015: B.C.’s creation of climate leadership team blasted by Green MLA

B.C.’s Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver is calling out the province for being all talk and little action when it comes to addressing climate change.

May 14, 2015: MLA wants B.C. to tear up pact giving Ottawa power over pipeline reviews

The Green party member of the British Columbia legislature has designed a loophole in recall legislation that he says would allow residents to regain control over approval of oil pipelines.

May 14, 2015: Green party says Bill 20 privacy concerns now much worse

BC’s lone Green Party MLA says changes to legislation aimed at tackling voter apathy hasn’t addressed privacy concerns it has made them worse.

May 14, 2015: B.C. Liberals float Climate Action Plan 2.0

Green MLA Andrew Weaver welcomed the team, but said B.C. can’t curtail emissions as long as it embraces LNG. He said a staged 66 per cent increase in the carbon tax to $50 a tonne, which would add about five cents a litre to the price of gasoline, is a step the government could take immediately to make a difference. –

May 14, 2015: Protesters rally against Shawnigan contaminated-soil permit 

Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver said deep staff cuts, beginning in 2001, have left the ministry without sufficient resources to enforce its own rules and regulations.

May 13, 2015: MLA wants B.C. to tear up pact giving Ottawa power over pipeline reviews

Andrew Weaver introduced a private member’s bill that would help the B.C. government pull out of a controversial agreement that gives all power over such environmental assessments to the federal government.

May 7, 2015: Gas royalty scheme should outrage British Columbians

“It’s desperation to fulfill an election promise. The government is very desperate to provide certainty to the (Liquefied Natural Gas) industry at all costs,” said Weaver. “We need a much more transparent and open government than this.”

April 14, 2015:  Students Take Aim st New Coal Exports

He readily signed a commitment to stop any new thermal coal export from B.C., calling coal the “single biggest” contributor and “lowest hanging fruit”.

Weaver was the only MLA to sign the commitment.

April 13, 2015: Government Under Fire for Illegal Grizzly Hunt

The chief of one of the directly affected bands, Xeni Gwet’in Chief Roger William, said the recent tripling of provincial grizzly hunt licences in the area was “mind boggling.”

April 11, 2015: Axe The MSP

Good for Green MLA Andrew Weaver for joining the long-standing NDP call to eliminate the MSP tax. He managed to generate some publicity and discussion, which was generally sympathetic to the idea of eliminating the premium tax.

April 8, 2015: Changing Everything – From Within

As the lone Green MLA, he is in a great position not only to draw attention to the obvious partisan-rooted problems we have succumbed to, but also to work for constructive change.

March 5, 2015: Les Leyne: B.C. Liberals’ cordiality to Weaver cools 

Until Tuesday afternoon. Debate was on a low-profile jurisdictional change on federal port lands that might be the site of future LNG projects. Weaver opposes the bill for fear it will weaken environmental controls.

March 4, 2015: B.C. Ministry of Environment memo warns climate change impacts inevitable and must be addressed

“When you talk about adaptation, you have to know what you’re adapting to,” he explained. “Are you adapting to a climate that has stabilized because we’ve taken international measures to curb emissions? Or are you trying to adapt to an unbounded growth of greenhouse gas emissions? The latter, I would argue, is not possible.”

March 4, 2015: Andrew Weaver calls for changes to grizzly bear hunting in B.C.

“One of the key symbolic issues out there is of course the trophy hunting of grizzly bears by foreigners coming in and leaving the carcass behind,” says Weaver.

March 2, 2015: End Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt

“This bill is about supporting sustainable, respectful hunting practices in B.C.,” Weaver said. “It is about putting B.C. hunters first and taking clear steps towards ending the trophy killing of grizzly bears in our province.”

February 16th, 2015: Advice for the BC Finance Minister on MSP premiums: listen to the Green Party

Perhaps the BC Green Party knows more about economics, and tax policy, than many give them credit for.

February 6th, 2015: B.C. MLA Andrew Weaver wins defamation suit against National Post

A British Columbia judge has awarded $50,000 in damages to a politician and leading climate scientist after he sued the National Post for defamation.

February 8th, 2015: Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver is punching above his weight

He is a climate scientist who has become a political lightning rod at British Columbia’s legislature.

February 3, 2015: It’s not easy pegging Greens

First of all, it’s hard to pigeonhole the Green voter. There’s obviously more at play here than the conventional wisdom that they are all mostly disaffected NDP voters.

January 23, 2015: MLA Andrew Weaver calls for new MSP premium payment structure

Andrew Weaver says B.C.’s health care fee structure is “robbing from the poor to give to the rich”

December 9, 2014: Outside Forces May Gas LNG Party

“It was all hype,” said B.C. Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver. “There’s no surprise here. The economics did not work then. The economics do not work now.”

December 9, 2014: Vaughn Palmer: With His Support of LNG Tax Bill Horgan No Hero on the Left

I wondered if the Green critique on LNG created a problem for Horgan.

“The Liberals would like to have you believe that’s the case,” he replied while conceding that Weaver is “a thoughtful, intelligent man, working very hard and diligently.

November 20, 2014: B.C. Premier Clark calls NDP irrelevant, without identity, better off Green

Premier Christy Clark has attacked the Opposition New Democrats as irrelevant and without principles during a question period where she offered her support for the one-member Green Party.

November 20, 2014: Stop Making It Worse

“I just don’t understand where the government’s mind is when they think that they can meet their 2050 and 2020 emissions targets and have five LNG plants,” the Green Party’s lone MLA said as he introduced his amendment.

November 3, 2014: Kinder Morgan pipeline hearings a ‘farce,’ former BC Hydro chief says – The Globe and Mail

“At some stage, you have to recognize that the federal process is simply stacked against British Columbians and the only way to change that is for our provincial government to step up and reclaim its right to have its own, made-in-B.C. hearing process.”










October 30, 2014: Smyth: Liberal MLA and global warming skeptic becomes target for opposition at B.C. legislature

“I’m just aghast by this guy,” Green MLA Andrew Weaver said of Laurie Throness, a rookie MLA from Chilliwack




October 28, 2014: On emissions, LNG, and a new vision for the 21st century

BC’s shift from a policy of absolute emission reductions to reducing emission intensity is an illusion of action. What’s needed is a shift in direction to develop clean tech industries.




October 23, 2014: B.C. Liberals pull plug on key part of climate-change strategy

“It is a grand illusion from the government is conducting to convince British Columbians that we can have wealth and prosperity from a hypothetical LNG industry and still meet our climate targets and continue to be good stewards of the environment,” Mr. Weaver said.




October 20, 2014: Jumbo Glacier Project a Pipe Dream

Weaver scoffs at claims that the Purcell glaciers will survive or grow and described long term plans for year round glacier skiing as a “bit of a pipedream”




October 20, 2014: Decision makers, dissenters set sights on Site C project price tag

“It does not make sense in today’s economy to spend $10 billion on a legacy dam that we might need one day — maybe a decade, maybe 20 years from now. If we need energy, we can get it so much cheaper, without incurring debt,” said the Nobel-winning climate scientist.




October 2, 2014: National Energy Board rejects ‘overly broad’ Trans Mountain questions – The Globe and Mail

“The fact that they are not compelling some of these answers is really very troubling” Mr. Weaver said. ” The sense I got from this entire process is that it’s all about ticking the box and it’s not about substance”

October 2, 2014: B.C. signals drop in planned LNG taxes

“The reality is over the next few years there’s not going to be an LNG industry in B.C.

“I get it’s important to bring in this legislation. But there’s a lot of hype and the sad reality is there’s no backup plan.”

September 22, 2014: B.C.’s lone Green MLA a voice crying in the woods on global warming

The science is in on this. It’s human-caused. But the people making the decisions are not thinking about the long-term consequences it poses, only about maximizing the short-term profits.”

September 22, 2014: International lawyers’ group calls for international court on the environment

Most recommendations in the report will take years of negotiations, including the one for an international court on the environment, said Weaver. “But the fact that they are talking about it is important . . . you start doing things by talking.”

September 10th, 2014: MLA Andrew Weaver launches petition to end ‘schoolyard bullying’ in teachers’ strike

“This tells me people are beginning to recognize the government’s position is unreasonable,” Weaver said.”The government is fear-mongering about how much it will cost to move to binding arbitration, but that’s not accurate because you put forward your best package and both parties have to justify their submissions.”

September 2nd, 2014: Mr. Weaver Goes to Victoria – The Walrus

Weaver’s public talks almost always ended with a pitch to young voters to recognize climate change as an issue of “intergenerational equity.” Older generations, he argued, will be least affected by the coming calamity and tend to vote for stability, which means reinvesting in the fossil-fuelled status quo.

July 9th, 2014: B.C. government should follow panel recommendation, send Site C to review

Alternatives like solar, geothermal and natural gas-cogeneration should be examined more closely before the province makes a commitment, said a review of the federal panel report commissioned by the district of Hudson’s Hope, a community of 1,100 people that would see some of its land flooded should Site C go ahead.

July 4th, 2014: Kinder Morgan criticized for lack of detail on its Trans Mountain pipeline plan

Kinder Morgan Inc. has come under fire for the responses it has given to hundreds of questions filed with the National Energy Board concerning its Trans Mountain pipeline project, with Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver, the city and the provincial government all demanding the company be ordered to answer properly.

May 12th, 2014: B .C. questions Kinder Morgan on Trans Mountain spill prevention, response regime

Andrew Weaver, a climate scientist and Green MLA, submitted close to 500 questions to the panel. He’s worried about marine oil spills.

May 8th, 2014:  “Weaverian pragmatism” challenges the divisive politics of the BC environmental movement.

As long as campaigners promote single-issue campaigns, they are likely to get single-issue victories. Weaver’s cross partisan, pragmatic and integrated approach has potential to be vastly more productive in the long run.

April 25th, 2014: Cities Demand Cross-Exam of Trans Mountain Pipeline Hearing

“I understood it was my right, were I to be accepted as an intervenor, to orally cross-examine witnesses, to inquire into areas of concern for members of my community, and to adjudicate the scientific evidence that was put before the panel,” wrote Weaver in a letter supporting Allan’s motion to restore oral cross-examination.

April 3rd, 2014: Victoria Politicians to Speak at Kinder Morgan Review

“As a scientist, Andrew Weaver will be able to directly question the current knowledge and research on the behavior of diluted bitumen in marine environments, and as a representative of Oak Bay-Gordon Head, he will be seeking input from his constituents as to their concerns,” Weaver’s spokesperson Mat Wright said in a statement.

April 2nd, 2014: Bill 4: the Park Amendment Act—what next?

TENS OF THOUSANDS of people in B.C. have voiced their opposition to the recent passing of Bill 4— the Park Amendment Act. They are demanding its repeal because of fears around industrial development taking priority over the protection of our most significant areas of ecological diversity and natural beauty. I share many of their concerns.

March 13th, 2014: Act Raises Concerns About Parks Future

A change to the Park Act was introduced last month to provide increased clarity and certainty about certain uses of B.C. parks. Sounds benign. But the bill has been greeted by confusion and suspicion, as the Opposition started a prolonged interrogation on what the government is really up to when it comes to changing allowed uses in parks. –

February 25th, 2014: Overstating LNG Jobs

The BC government has been promising thousands of new jobs in the next few years to work in the hoped-for liquefied natural gas industry. We hear what Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver found when he checked the numbers. (CBC Radio Victoria Podcast)

February 18th, 2014: Green MLA charts own way in leg

Weaver, given his unique status, has an opportunity to be heard above the cliché-ridden yelling match that often passes for debate in the legislature chamber.

January 16th, 2014: Green MLA wants property-tax loophole to be closed

Mr. Weaver wrote a blog post Wednesday pushing for the Liberal government to take control of bare trusts in its upcoming budget. He says the trusts are being used by corporations and the rich to avoid paying property transfer taxes when pricey land changes hands.

January 6th, 2014:  Irreplaceable Research Lost From Purged Federal Libraries

“it’s a structural change in our democracy through dismantling the past to recreate the future in the image that you would like it to be. This is scary stuff. This is Orwellian stuff, and it needs to stop.”

December 19th, 2013:  The Northern Gateway Pipeline Decision Puts B.C. At Significant Risk 

We have an opportunity now to shift away from our old economic model of selling our raw resources solely for short-term profit and instead position ourselves for the long-term.

December 3rd , 2013: The Green Interview

A short excerpt from the full-length interview. Host Silver Donald Cameron in conversation with Andrew Weaver- Canada’s first Green MLA

November 27 , 2013: Hundreds Pack Town Hall on Tankers

B.C.’s pursuit of pipelines and tankers is a perilous path which risks the future likely for little benefit, Green Party MLA and climate scientist Andrew Weaver told a crowd of almost 600 at the Parksville Community & Conference Centre on Wednesday last week.

November 19, 2013: Andrew Weaver: Natural Selection

With the BC Liberals focused on LNG and the NDP offering little opposition, Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver saw a chance to win votes and be a catalyst for developing a viable green economy in B.C.

November 13, 2013: Reality Check: The B.C. LNG Hyperbole

Instead of chasing the falling fossil fuel economy of yesterday, B.C. should be heading towards a prosperous future by developing its clean tech sector — the sector involved in the generation, transmission, storage and end use of renewable energy.

November 6, 2013: B.C.’s 150-year natural gas projection disputed by green critic

Premier Christy Clark trumpeted a National Energy Board report Wednesday that found B.C.’s natural gas reserves are more than twice as large as previously thought, but a prominent environmentalist accused the NEB of spreading some misleading calculations.

…Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Andrew Weaver, who is the only elected member of the B.C. Green Party, called the 150-year projection “utter nonsense.”

October 30, 2013: Green Party MLA says LNG plan a “Hail Mary pass”

The BC Green Party’s lone MLA says the province is so focused on pipelines it is overlooking a clean energy sector that is ready to explode.
Andrew Weaver says the provincial government is overly relying on projects like the Site-C dam, oil pipelines, and Liquid Natural Gas at the expense of everything else.

October 24, 2013: Opponents of CRD sewage plan offer a proposal of their own

Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Andrew Weaver praised Atwell’s proposal.

“It’s innovative, it’s distributed and it’s dealing with the problem,” the Green MLA said. “It’s integrating solid and liquid waste management, which is the way of the future.”

October 8, 2013: An open letter to Premier Christy Clark on oil spill preparedness in B.C.

“I applaud the fact that your government has been consistent in requiring five conditions to be met before you will support enhanced heavy oil tanker traffic off our coast…In order to provide further clarity to the public, business and investors I have four further questions.”

October 8, 2013: Minister promotes B.C.’s LNG in Asia

“If the future of liquefied natural gas in B.C. is so optimistic, climate change expert Andrew Weaver questions why provincial minister Rich Coleman has to go to Asia to promote the resource.”

October 2, 2013: B.C. decides on oil-spill guidelines for pipeline

“The legal team representing B.C. at the Enbridge Northern Gateway hearings has defined the level of oil-spill response capacity that the province would require before approving any oil pipeline construction.”

October 3, 2013: BC Government announces study on impact of liquefied natural gas emissions 

“The B.C. government will spend $650,000 to study potential air pollution impacts of proposed industrial developments — including liquefied natural gas plants — in the Kitimat area, a decision opposition politicians and scientists are calling better-late-than-never.”

September 28, 2013: Now that climate change is beyond doubt, focus on solving it

“We can no longer ignore the facts: Global warming is unequivocal, it is caused by us and its consequences will be profound. But that doesn’t mean we can’t solve it.”

September 26, 2013: B.C. meets GHG reduction targets: But once the LNG plants fire up they won’t be able to stay there: climate experts

“A report presented to the United Nations indicates B.C. is meeting its legislated targets to cut greenhouse gas pollution, but environmental leaders say that won’t last much longer, even if the province sets up a smokescreen to hide the air pollution created by proposed liquefied natural gas operations.”

September 26, 2013: BC Meeting Green House gas Targets But Not For Long

“British Columbians are essentially being sold a bill of goods when they are told that somehow we’re going to have the cleanest LNG in the world because the reality is we are not on that path,” said Andrew Weaver. “Some honesty in this discourse would be really appropriate.”

September 24, 2013: Moratorium on dilbit tanker traffic, says MLA Weaver

“The British Columbia government has rejected the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline due in part to inadequate preparedness for potential marine and land heavy oil spills, while ignoring the fact that the heavy oil, diluted bitumen (dilbit), is shipped weekly from Burnaby, posing serious risks to BC’s coast, says Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Andrew Weaver.”

September 19, 2013: B.C.’s liquefied natural gas plan a ‘pipe dream,’ says Green MLA Andrew Weaver

“The province’s bet on liquefied natural gas as the key to the B.C.’s financial future doesn’t make economic sense, Green party MLA Andrew Weaver told a sparse audience of municipal politicians at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention Thursday.”

September 18, 2013: Smart meter opt-out fee much lower in U.S.: MLA

“BC Hydro’s planned fee of $35 a month for people who continue to refuse wireless smart meters is “outrageous” and isn’t justified based on what other jurisdictions charge, according to B.C.’s lone Green Party MLA.”

September 12, 2013: Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA explains voting record

“I feel that I better serve the constituents of Oak Bay-Gordon Head and the citizens of B.C. by supporting the overall budget…”

September 4th, 2013: Harper government undermining Enbridge review process, Greens say

“‘The federal government is undermining the environmental review process for the proposed Enbridge pipeline by undertaking studies on waterways that could be shipping routes for oil tankers’, the Green Party says.”

September 4th, 2013: Greens paint BC Liberals into a bit of a corner on Enbridge

“Superb” was the characterization of Andrew Weaver, the first and only Green member of the legislature and deputy leader of the B.C. party. “The province did an outstanding job.” “Full marks for a very thorough review by the B.C. government,” agreed …

August 26th, 2013: B.C. Greens’ new MLA can change landscape of progressive politics

“The Greens elected their first MLA on May 14, a breakthrough that was some time coming. They are now being represented in the Legislature by renowned climate scientist Andrew Weaver, whose academic pedigree and related global achievements assure …”

August 16, 2013: MLA Weaver leaves door open to leadership

“News of Jane Sterk stepping down as leader of the B.C. Green party has members and candidates looking to the upcoming Annual General Meeting as an opportunity to build on her legacy. The AGM, which will be held Aug. 24 in Vancouver, will give Greens a chance to redefine how the party will move forward…”

August 14, 2013: Andrew Weaver: Green leader should be someone else, for now

“The first-ever Green party member elected to the British Columbia legislature says he’s not interested in becoming interim leader following Jane Sterk’s retirement, while signalling that he may one day seek to permanently take the reins of the party…”

July 26, 2013: Vaughn Palmer: Green MLA Weaves a compelling narrative between two polarized parties

“When Andrew Weaver got up to deliver his inaugural speech as the first Green member of the legislature earlier this month, he recalled — to telling effect — his previous appearance on the floor of the B.C. house…”

July 24, 2013: Kitimat ocean program set for oil tankers

“A little-noticed federal ocean monitoring program around Kitimat is the clearest signal yet that the federal government is preparing the region for crude oil tanker traffic, Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver says…”

July 10, 2013: Green MLA opens with pipeline query

“Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver used his first ever query in question period Tuesday in the provincial legislature to ask about the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline…”

July 4, 2013: Les Leyne: Andrew Weaver makes Green history in the legislature

“The Green Party of B.C.’s 30-year tragi-comic history of futility faded into memory Wednesday as a Green MLA finally rose to speak in the legislature…”

June 6, 2013: Andrew Weaver, first Green MLA in B.C. History, sworn in

“British Columbia’s first provincially elected Green Party member wasted little time attacking Premier Christy Clark’s plans to export liquefied natural gas from northern B.C. to Asia after a swearing-in ceremony Thursday at the legislature…”

June 6, 2013: Andrew Weaver walks into history as B.C.’s first Green party MLA

“Andrew Weaver strolled through the revolving doors of the B.C. legislature and into the history books Thursday as the province’s first Green party MLA…”