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In what has turned out to be a bizarre set of emails with Rachel Notley’s office today, it now appears that there will not be a public meeting after all. So the net result of Ms. Notley’s trip to BC was a closed door back room event with John Horgan, and a number of radio interviews wherein she talked at British Columbians.  This hardly builds trust especially since Mr. Horgan has changed his opinions on the Kinder Morgan pipeline so many times, I’ve lost count.

Talk about lack of transparency. If Ms. Notley wanted to engage British Columbians she would listen to them, not talk at them. She has not listened and both Ms. Clark and Mr. Horgan have remained silent.

Below I reproduce both letters I received today. Now I have asked countless people about their interpretation of the first letter. It was unanimous that people felt that this was to be interpreted as an invitation for a public meeting. The second letter is pretty clear.

Text of the First Letter

Dear Mr. Weaver:

On behalf of Premier Notley, thank you for your email. I appreciate you reaching out and I have shared your invitation with Premier Notley and her scheduling staff to organize a public meeting between you and her team.

Premier Notley’s scheduling staff will follow up with you shortly.


Sonya McAdam
Premier’s Correspondence Unit

Text of the Second Letter

Dear Dr. Weaver,

Thank you for your letter of December 5th, 2016 to Premier Notley. Unfortunately, we are unable to oblige your request.


Miriam Rycroft
Director of Scheduling, Office of the Premier


  1. Lynn Wilbur-
    December 7, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Whaaat? It makes no sense. Yes I will no I won´t. Perhaps she just clued in as to who she would be up against. Andrew weaver!!!

  2. Chris Woodburn-
    December 7, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Was a good exercise but clearly a junior staff member who initially responded.
    Sure would have enjoyed hearing this story on reported on Global.
    I would think it wasn’t even considered to be reported on Any mainstream news stations.