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Gong Xi Fa Cai — Gong Hey Fat Choy — 恭禧发财

Today Helen and I had the distinct honour of attending the Chinese New Year Gala 2016 at the University of Victoria, Farquar Auditorium.

I am profoundly honoured to have been asked to say a few words at the opening of the gala. Below is the text of what I said. Gong Xi Fa Cai — Gong Hey Fat Choy — 恭禧发财.

Test of Introductory Remarks

It is an honour for me to join you for the 2016 Chinese New Year Gala hosted by the Victoria Chinese Community Association and the Victoria Chinese Students and Scholars Association. It is our privilege to have this event held at the Farquhar auditorium at the University of Victoria in the constituency of Oak Bay-Gordon Head where I serve as MLA.

1595_10153461013257893_4735163378194466215_nThis is sure to be a wonderful evening of cultural celebration. It is an opportunity for the Western community to get a sample of the cultures and traditions of many regions in China in just one evening.

Congratulations to the community leaders, event organizers and many volunteers who work tirelessly to present this gala. All of the groups involved in tonight’s event contribute greatly – both within their own community and within the community of Greater Victoria.

I am very pleased to see so many young people and families engaged in cultural activities. I understand that tonight we will be treated to modern and traditional performances by BC’s Chinese Community, creatively combined with western performing arts. I have really been looking forward to this.

I would like to welcome all the visiting performers that are with us here tonight. I hope you have a very enjoyable stay in Victoria.

Thank you to the Victoria Chinese Community Association for your dedication to promoting the spirit of multiculturalism and promoting cultural awareness in the community. It is an honour for our beautiful city to have been chosen as the new home for so many families of so many different backgrounds.

My very best wishes to everyone for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year of the Monkey.

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