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Climate Action Recommendations Highlight Inaction of Current Government

Media Release – November 27th 2015
Climate Action Recommendations Highlight Inaction of Current Government
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Victoria B.C. – Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay Gordon Head and Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party called today’s release of the Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations the clearest sign yet that Christy Clark’s B.C. Liberal  government is failing to demonstrate any leadership in addressing climate change.

The recommendations show that due to the choices this government has made since 2012, there is no longer a pathway to meet our 2020 GHG reduction targets. The government’s response has been to highlight the need for a new 2030 target, with little offered about how we can get there.

“Setting targets is meaningless if the policy isn’t there to go along with it,” said Andrew Weaver. “I am deeply concerned that the government will use these recommendations to advance the political goals of the government, allowing them to talk about leadership now, without having to implement a single policy until after the next election.”

The report was submitted to government on October 31st but not made public until today, preventing any public debate while the legislature was sitting for the fall session. Furthermore this report comes on the last Friday before the Paris COP conference, giving the Premier an opportunity to talk about leadership, without having to commit to a single policy after the fact.

“The release of this document today is in keeping with this government’s approach of saying one thing and doing another,” said Andrew Weaver. “Premier Clark is now able to feign leadership in Paris this Fall, and then announce their true intentions next year when they bring their actual plan forward.”

Andrew Weaver served on the first Climate Action Team, set up by Gordon Campbell in 2007. At the time, the team was told that they had a responsibility to engage with British Columbians about the climate action plan they were developing. This contrasts sharply with the 2015 Climate Action Team set up by Christy Clark, where they were required to sign confidentiality agreements and were prohibited from talking about their work.

“Christy Clark’s government has steadily dismantled the innovative climate policy initiated under Gordon Campbell,” said Andrew Weaver. “The recommendations released today offer one pathway to reclaiming the leadership we have lost. If the government is serious about being a leader, they need to start implementing policy not making promises and setting new targets.”


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