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Media Statement: March 12th, 2015
Andrew Weaver: Minimum Wage Increases need Review Mechanism
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Victoria, B.C. – The process for determining increases to the minimum wage needs to be de-politicized according to Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay – Gordon head and Deputy Leader of the B.C. Green Party.

His comments follow today’s political announcement of a $0.20 increase to the minimum wage. While this announcement included a process to increase minimum wage annually, there was insufficient consultation and an apparent lack of expert review to determine today’s increase and the baseline for future increases.

“This is a political move that doesn’t actually solve the problem. Annual increases tied to inflation will only ensure minimum wage doesn’t fall further behind,” said Andrew Weaver. “This government hasn’t done enough to ask whether it still has some catching up to do before indexing minimum wage to the B.C. Consumer Price Index.”

Today’s announcement contained little information about how this new rate and revision process was developed. There was no indication that a consultation process with experts and with those who are affected by potential increases took place.

“What is needed is a full, independent examination of British Columbia’s minimum wage policy, including advice about how best to determine future wage increases, and to explore what the baseline minimum wage should be,” said Andrew Weaver. “We need to move the decisions about increases into a non-politicized environment so they can be about people, not politics.”

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