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Introducing a Bill to End Trophy Killing of Grizzly Bears

Media Statement: March 2, 2015
MLA Weaver Introduces Bill to End Trophy Killing of Grizzly Bears
For Immediate Release
Victoria B.C. – Today, Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head and Deputy Leader of the B.C. Green Party, tabled his first private members bill with the aim of providing government with the tools it needs to end the trophy killing of grizzly bears in the Province of British Columbia.

“This bill is about supporting sustainable, respectful hunting practices in B.C.,” says Andrew Weaver. “It is about putting B.C. hunters first and taking clear steps towards ending the trophy killing of grizzly bears in our province.”

If enacted, this Bill would add additional requirements to hunting in B.C. First, it would remove grizzly bears from the list of animals exempt from meat harvesting regulations. Hunters are already required to remove the edible portions from black bears. This bill would bring meat harvesting standards for grizzly bears up to the same level.

Second, it would ensure that all edible portions of animals harvested in B.C. are taken directly to the hunter’s residence. This provision is meant to limit foreign hunters’ ability to come to B.C. for the purpose of trophy hunting, by making them responsible for removing the meat of any animal they kill.

For local sustenance hunters – the vast majority of hunters in B.C. – this bill merely echoes what they are already doing: harvesting wild game to feed their families. For non-resident trophy hunters coming to B.C. to kill an animal only for its hide, skull, or antlers, this Bill would create new complexities and logistical barriers.

A 2013 McAllister Research poll found that 88% of British Columbians oppose trophy hunting. In addition to that, 95% of hunters said they believe you should not be hunting if you are not prepared to eat what you kill.

“Earlier this year, the government began allocating more hunting opportunities to guide outfitters at the expense of B.C. Hunters,” says Weaver. “We need to pressure this government to recommit to putting the interests of British Columbians first, by rebalancing the new allocation policy in favour of B.C. hunters and by passing this Bill.

“The Federation appreciates the support of MLA Andrew Weaver on wildlife allocation, harvest, and sustainability issues,” says George Wilson, B.C. Wildlife Federation president.

Weaver also presented the House with a 16,139 signature petition from the B.C. Wildlife Federation opposing the permit allocation amendments and spoke to several hundred B.C. hunters a rally today in front of the legislature.


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