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Seniors Advocate Seeking Applicants for Council of Advisers

The Office of the Seniors Advocate is seeking applicants to set up a council of advisers and interested seniors are invited to apply.

The council will be made up of seniors from around the province, who will bring their diverse experience and perspective on seniors issues. It will bring forward issues and concerns and will review projects, reports and recommendations developed by the Office of the Seniors Advocate. The council will meet four times per year, by phone or in person.

There will be 25-30 council members appointed and terms will initially be from one to three years.

Seniors who would like to serve on the council must submit their applications by December 18, 2014.

The Office of the Seniors Advocate has collaborated with the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC (“COSCO”) to develop selection criteria. COSCO is an umbrella organization made up of seniors’ organizations and individuals from every area of BC.

Interested seniors can also get more information by phone at 1-877-952-3181 (250-952-3181 in Victoria) or by email at info@seniorsadvocatebc.ca

More information about the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC can be found on their website.

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