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Working Towards a Ban on Shark Fin Sales – Next Steps

Today I met with the Honourable Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture, as a follow-up to the question I raised in the Legislature last week as to whether or not the province would be prepared to introduce legislation to ban the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in British Columbia.

It was a very fruitful meeting and the Minister tasked me with putting together a package of information that he would commit to passing along to Ministry staff for a thorough review. The review is to be evidence-based, which is precisely what I had hoped for.

I have already tabled a legal opinion that concludes that the provincial government has the power to ban the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in B.C.  At this stage, the information that I plan to put together is as follows:

  • Annotated bibliography (with original papers) revealing the plight of global shark populations;
  • List of jurisdictions worldwide that have banned the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in British Columbia;
  • Relevant media clippings from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California and other jurisdictions concerning the process and subsequent public reaction to the banning of the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins;
  • Evidence concerning internationally protected shark species.

While I have been following this issue for a few years, I recognize that there are many in the community who have far greater knowledge on this topic than I do, including internationally-renown scientist, Dr. Julia Baum, at the University of Victoria. Should you have relevant information in any of these areas, I would be delighted if you would please share it with me by emailing me at: Andrew.Weaver.MLA@leg.bc.ca

My goal is to get a complete package to the Minister by the end of the week.

Header Photo Credit: Rob Stewart, Director, Sharkwater.

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