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Media Statement: October 9, 2014
Weaver introduces motion to amend Throne Speech
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Victoria, B.C. – Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head and Deputy Leader of the B.C. Green Party introduced a motion today to amend the Throne Speech, calling for a new vision to replace the Liberal government’s singular focus on a Liquefied Natural Gas windfall.

“The government is gambling our future on an LNG windfall when even the industry doesn’t think it will happen,” says Andrew Weaver. “They have put all our eggs in one basket and have no back-up plan for when it fails. That’s why I am calling for a new vision for British Columbia—one based on a diversified, sustainable, 21st century economy.”

Dr. Weaver’s call was given a renewed urgency this week when LNG frontrunner, Petronas, announced that it will not go forward with its LNG projects in B.C. if its strict demands are not met by the end of this month. Petronas’ threat reinforces the conclusions of a recent Peters and Company report that determined that LNG supply will outpace demand by 300 million tonnes per year by 2030. The report also concluded that, contrary to B.C. government statements, the U.S. Gulf Coast is now likely the most efficient place to construct LNG facilities in North America.

Building on examples from California, Oregon and Washington State, Dr. Weaver laid out a “Made in BC” vision for a diversified, sustainable, 21st century economy that is grounded in strong existing industries, like tourism, mining and film, but that also builds on key up-and-coming industries, like the clean tech sector, that will be pillars of a 21st century economy.

Dr. Weaver’s vision includes a key focus on reinvesting in education and ensuring that core government services levels are sustainably and resiliently funded so that the burden does not fall to those least able to bear it.

“We have an opportunity for real leadership in B.C.,” says Weaver. “However, that leadership needs to start with an honest discussion about how we build a truly 21st century economy — one that does not gamble with our future, but instead builds a diversified, sustainable economy that provides for this generation and the next.”


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