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The National Energy Board panel on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline hearings has extended the deadline on initial questions from intervenors to May 12th. As the only British Columbia MLA with intervenor status in this process, Andrew Weaver is seeking questions and comments from constituents and people around the province to frame submissions to the hearings.

This is part of public engagement on the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal, and on concerns raised by people around British Columbia on diluted bitumen, pipelines and increased tanker traffic. During the hearing process, which will conclude with a report and recommendations from the NEB panel in July 2015, Andrew Weaver will be providing on going opportunities for public input, along with regular updates. These will include a future town hall, forums, speaking engagements and newsletters.

A dedicated website section has been created on the proposed pipeline with project information, news and a feedback form for public questions and comments.

“Over the coming months I will be offering several ways people can submit questions, comments and concerns. It will start with this website and will continue through town halls and other forums. With the first deadline for questions to Kinder Morgan fast approaching I am inviting everyone to submit feedback by visiting our website. The feedback will be essential and valuable in my submissions to the National Energy Board.” Said Andrew Weaver

For further information please contact

Mat Wright – Press Secretary, Andrew Weaver MLA
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