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The Municipality of Oak Bay Child and Youth Committee (OBCYC) is proud to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 7th Annual Young Exceptional Star Awards (YES Awards).  These awards recognize the accomplishments of youth from grades 6-10 in the Oak Bay area.  Students who attend schools in Oak Bay or those who have an Oak Bay address, but are attending a public or private school outside of the municipality of Oak Bay as well as those who are receiving a home school education are all eligible for consideration.

The goal of the awards is to emphasize the positive achievements of Oak Bay’s young people by recognizing those who have distinguished themselves in such areas as volunteerism, arts, citizenship, academics, athletics and/or who have overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Mayor Nils Jensen believes Oak Bay is fortunate to have so many outstanding young people who aspire to make a difference by contributing in positive ways within our community.  “The YES awards are a great way to recognize youth in Oak Bay, and encourage them to continue to make a positive contribution to the community. These youth send a message of hope to the community that the next generation is full of promise, and inspire us all to do our part to make a difference.”

Recipients will be recognized at an awards banquet to be held on May 7, 2014.

Nominations must be returned by March 7th, 2014 to Councillor Michelle Kirby, The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay, 2167 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, B.C., V8R 1G2, or faxed to 598-9108.  Questions or comments can be directed to Mary Kelly at mkelly@sd61.bc.ca.

Please click here to view the Nomination form.


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