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Media Statement: February 25th, 2014
Evidence 100 000 LNG Jobs Vastly Overstated
For Immediate Release

Victoria BC – In an article published by David Broadland in Focus Magazine (www.focusonline.ca) the government’s justification for 100 000 LNG jobs is seriously called into question. Using Freedom of Information access, he analysed the communications noting: “The report contained many warnings to the reader that it was based entirely on assumptions provided by ‘the Province and its advisors’

The points raised by Focus Magazine on potential LNG sector employment forecasts coincide with analysis within Andrew Weaver’s office. While the government continues to tout 100 000 jobs, a $100 billion prosperity fund, retirement of provincial debt and end of the PST, the numbers simply do not add up.

“Focus Magazine should be noted for their investigative report on LNG in BC. During and since the election campaign I’ve been consistent in saying LNG is a ‘Hail Mary Pass’ . It is now more evident the jobs numbers and revenue expectations  should be questioned and it is time the government comes clean on what British Columbians can realistically expect. This is especially true for northern communities relying on government projections for economic and infrastructure planning around LNG. If the numbers are wrong, the policy failures are quick to follow.” Andrew Weaver MLA

Accurate employment projections are vital for economic policy. Even a small percentage difference from estimates to reality can have a ripple effect throughout the entire provincial economy. They inform policy and investment decisions as wide reaching as education, health care, social services, transportation and infrastructure.

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One Comment

  1. Marilyn Goode-
    February 25, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    I totally agree with you and Focus Magazine. Christy Clark is putting all of her eggs in one basket with the LNG and there is no evidence that any one has actually signed on to receive BC natural gas. The fact her government is also pushing for the expansion of coal production shows that she has NO REGARD for Climate Change and the real challenges that we are facing here and around the world. I just spend 3 weeks in Asia. (Hong Kong and the Philippines) This is where we really start to see the results of climate change with the biggest typhoons seen on the planet and air quality in HK that is horrible. The air from the coal fired factories in China is blowing down to HK and making their air so thick you can see it:-( The Philippines is still reeling from Typhoon Hyan and will be for years to come. I’d like to put Christy Clark and Steven Harper on a plane to Asia, maybe Beijing and let them breath and taste the foul air that is a result of burning fossil fuels! They’ve probably been but refuse to link the two things together. People like you give me hope in a world that seems to be hell bent on self destruction. Thanks for all that you and Elizabeth May do, I wish there were more like you in public office.