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It is an issue that affects the entire Capital Regional District, and the largest, costliest infrastructure project in our history. The $783 million proposed CRD (now re-branded as Seaterra) secondary sewage treatment plan will potentially see treatment plants built at the entrance to Victoria Harbour in Esquimalt, at Hartland and with a twinned 18km pipeline connecting the two. Yet, despite assurances from the CRD that the program will come in on time, on budget and meet the needs of the region, vocal opposition from community groups, Esquimalt council, and residents around Hartland have called into question the integrity and costs of the plan.

Is there are better way forward, and if so, how can we get to a cost effective sewage plan that meets the region’s needs for now and the future? This will be the focus of a Town Hall featuring panelists with knowledge and experience of the CRD sewage program, and the local municipal political scene.

Tuesday, January 14th from 7 to 9pm
Oak Bay Recreation Centre Lounge, 1975 Bee St.
Everyone Welcome

Panelists are:  Chris Corps, co-founder and CEO of Pivotal IRM Inc. (Integrated Resource Management);  Lisa Helps, City of Victoria Councillor;  Richard Atwell, director of The Rite Plan. The presentations will cover where the current CRD plan stands now, the elements, benefits and costs of a better plan, and the potential routes towards achieving that goal.

This will be followed with a public question and answer period. The evening will be moderated by Andrew Weaver.


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