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Voice of BC – Discussing the Issues

For the first time on Voice of BC as panelists, Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay Gordon Head, and BC Green Party interim leader Adam Olson took questions from Vaughn Palmer, and pundits, on a variety of issues. This lead to an article on IPPs by Vaughn Palmer in the Vancouver Sun newspaper on the role of the government, and the recent announcement on BC Hydro rate increases – see the article.

As mentioned in the Vancouver Sun article: “”The environmental issues of IPPs are very important; let’s deal with that,” Weaver continued. “But when you have virtually every First Nation in B.C. coming on board and saying, ‘We want to work with this – we want to get off diesel power in our little village; we want to create local jobs there,’ and then you find a special interest saying, ‘No, no, no, these are bad for the environment,’ and they’ve never even been to these places, you’ve got to give your head a shake.”

You can follow Andrew Weaver on Twitter (@AJWvictoriaBC) and Adam Olsen (@AdamPOlsen)


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